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"Perasaan marah, dendam, benci, dan ingin membalas adalah racun jiwa.

Kasihi dan selamatkanlah dirimu, dan bergaullah dengan jiwa-jiwa baik yang meyakini hakmu untuk menjadi pribadi yang berhasil.

Engkau akan menemukan kekuatan di dalam hatimu yang damai."
Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always (via marioteguh)
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Tidak semua perkara harus dikhabarkan pada semua.

Sepatutnya, privasi kita dan Tuhan perlu diutamakan.

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Berjiwa kekanak-kanakan



Banyak laki-laki yang terperangkap dalam jiwa yang masih kekanak-kanakan, meski usia mereka sudah sangat matang.

Dan tak sedikit juga perempuan yang katanya dewasa malah “menggantungkan harapan mereka” pada laki-laki tersebut. Yang pada akhirnya malah menelan kekecewaan.

- Satria Utama

Gantunglah harapan pada Yang Maha Kuasa, pasti sedikitpun kita tidak akan merasa kecewa.

InsyaAllah. 😁

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ride the LOL EXPRESS: funny pictures, LOL pictures, funny gifs


ride the LOL EXPRESS: funny pictures, LOL pictures, funny gifs

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"A design of a heart is suppose to be filled with one faith. Filling it with the love of dunya will only breaking it, putting it in pain."
Always A Traveler (via thethoughtcupboard)
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"Stop defining good and bad based on dunya definition - anything that makes me closer to dunya is good; anything that doesn’t is bad. In fact, the real and best definition of good and bad, success and failure is - Anything that bring me closer to Allah, is succes and anything that takes me away is failure!"
Always A Traveler
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"Putting a hijab does not makes you an angel. Putting a hijab is a way to make yourself better, closer to Allah, being an obedient abdul Allah. Not to make yourself perfect, but to make you better."
Yasmin Mogahed (via thethoughtcupboard)
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"I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart."
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1. Before standing up for Prayer, try to deal with all the minor urgent matters which demand your attention. If you are pressed by hunger, eat first; if you are pressed to attend to the call of nature, relieve yourself; if you are the parent of an infant, feed him or her, or keep him or her busy.

2. Perform your wudu’ (ablution) well, paying …due care and attention.

3. Approach the Prayer with zest and passion as if it is the last prayer in your life before dying. Actually the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us that we could do nothing in this world that could ever surpass Prayer in merit and excellence.

4. Visualize that in your Prayer you are going to have a special audience with Allah, Lord of the worlds, and that you are enjoying a direct communion with Him—which, in fact, is true.

5. Think of the Prayer you are performing as if it were the last Prayer of your life. In fact, it could very well be the last one, since no one is given a guarantee that he would live to perform another Prayer.

6. Picture the scene of the Last Day when people will be lined up into two , one destined for Heaven, and another for Hell, and ask yourself where you would be placed.

7. Focus your mind on what you are reading in your Prayer and recite simple surah
that you understand it’s meaning and ponder on the meaning whiles u recite.

8. If, in spite of your best efforts, your mind is still wandering, seek refuge in Allah and bring your mind back to Prayer.

9. Pray to Allah and beg Him to grant you true the joy of concentrating in your Prayer and protection against the wanderings of your mind.

10. Place your eyesight to the one spot where you will be making your sujud while you recite and avoid taking your eyes from that spot.

May Allah protect us from the tricks of shaitan during prayers and forgive us our mistakes.

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